Mineral water is an indispensable element for life, regulates body temperature, lubricates the tissues, enhances digestive processes.

Water is the most important beverage that we have available, able to satisfy the thirst and does not provide calories. It’important to ensure the body a proper water supply, in fact, without the right amount of water, also the gut is not working as it should.

The ideal is to drink at least a liter and a half/ two liters of water during the day and not only when you are thirsty. People who do sports, who sweat a lot, or who work in the heat  should drink larger amounts of water. When we are hot you should never drink cold water to avoid the risk of congestion, the refreshing feeling of the fresh water is apparent,shortly after, by sweating reappears thirst should never drink too much water all at once, you have to drink in small sips several times and it is preferable to drink water at room temperature. It’s a good habit to drink one or two glasses of water after an overnight fast and one or two in the evening before going to bed. Drink before meals, if you follow a diet, it helps to fill the stomach and decrease appetite. You can drink water during meals, provided in anon-excessive (up to half a liter), so as not to slow digestion.

When we drink water we bring to our body elements such as calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, sulfur, bicarbonate, potassium mineral waters that are on the market are not all equal. Their characteristics depend on the mineral salts that are dissolved in it, it is important to choose one that best suits our needs as well as to our tastes.

The waters that originate from an underground aquifer can define “mineral” when they are recognized as such by the Ministry of Health, through chemical and physical analysis and microbiological analysis (based on the composition, purity and quality) that determine the main characteristics of ‘water. Mineral waters must be bacteriologically pure and free of contaminants.