H2home Mineral Water is “Oligomineral” which means low in minerals without any additional optional minerals that caters your daily need. What does this mean for body’s health benefits?

Water is usually divided into different typologies according to the amount of dissolved minerals, pursuant to a classification that includes: mineral, medium mineral and oligomineral water, whose prefix (oligo) comes from the Greek term “few” and indicates the small quantity of substances present in the water chemical composition.

  • QUICK ABSORBTION AND ELIMINATION OF THE LOW MINERAL WATER MAKES YUR KIDNEYS WORKS MORE EFFICIENTLY. From a purely medical point of view, oligomineral water and in general those water typologies featuring a low percentage of mineralization, are referred to as hypotonic, a term denoting a lower concentration of dissolved particles compared to other equivalent aqueous solutions. Precisely by virtue of its hypotonicity, oligomineral water is quickly absorbed by the cells of the human body and just as quickly it is expelled, easily filtered by the kidneys.
  • ASSISTS IN DAILY DETOX OF THE BODY. Due to its significant diuretic property, oligomineral water offers an excellent contribution to the detoxification of the body and the acceleration of metabolic functions necessary for physical fitness, thus reducing the excessive accumulation of fluids in tissues, so that the amount of the water expelled from the body is higher than the quantity of the water ingested, in the light of a proper organic balance.
  • DECREASES THE RISK OF BACTERIAL AND FUNGAL INFECTIONS. Oligomineral water favours the elimination of certain substances such as oxalic acid, urea nitrogen, sodium chloride and uric acid, which are absorbed into the human body and often cause bacterial and fungal infections.


When we drink water we bring to our body elements such as calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, sulfur, bicarbonate or potassium. Mineral waters that are on the market are not all equal; their characteristics depend on the mineral salts that are dissolved in it, it is important to choose one that best suits our needs as well as to our tastes.


The source of origin and minerals that it drags in its underground path through the rocks, before gushing from a spring. The amount of mineral salts present in the water is detected by a parameter that takes the name of “Residue”, which is the amount of mineral salts, remain deposited, after which one liter of water is evaporated at 180 ° C. All mineral waters differ in their mineral compositions levels.

H2home through years of research has learnt from the nature how to develop Mineral water from your own house air. Please see our selection our OPTIONAL MINERAL SOLUTIONS that can be added to H2Home water according to your needs and taste.


 magnesium potassium sodium bicarbonate